Maximiliano is an accomplished guitarist, arranger, and composer from Rosario, Argentina, and one of the leading interpreters of classical and contemporary guitar of the new tango generation. He came to the United States in 2015 and moved to San Francisco in Fall 2018. After completing a degree in classical guitar in Rosario, Maximiliano moved to Buenos Aires where he studied tango and folk music in the prestigious Manuel de Falla Conservatory under legendary guitarist Juan Falú, and tango arranging and composition from renowned tango masters Diego Schissi, Nicolas Ledesma, and Gabriel Senanes.


In Argentina, he worked as a guitarist, arranger, and director of multiple acclaimed tango and Argentine folk music groups including Cuartero Revirado, Quinteto Negro La Boca (Sony Argentina), Quinteto Clandestino, and Aires Trio and has performed in prestigious milongas and concert halls across Buenos Aires. He has also performed at national music festivals including the World Tango Championships and the Pre-Cosquin Folklore Festival, where he received recognition as a competition finalist. Maximiliano has recorded on multiple tango albums, and participated in international tango tours to Europe, Canada and Mexico.

Since moving to the U.S., Maximiliano has been preparing an album of solo guitar compositions, which he debuted at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music in May 2018. He has also been actively participating as a guitarist, arranger and musical director in various tango projects including the Colby College tango ensemble, the piano-guitar duet Duo Larrea-Minetti, and Tamango, a community-oriented tango quintet in Indiana. Most recently he has been working as an arranger for the Q-Tango quintet based out of New Mexico, performing with various tango bands in the Bay Area including Mariano Barreiro Quartet, and Trio Larrea-O’Day-Durso, and preparing the launch of his new musical project, Maximiliano Larrea Tango