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M.M. University of Wisconsin, B.M. Indiana University School

Maxfield Wollam-Fisher is a cellist, avid social dancer, dedicated teacher, and innovative producer who has played tango and danced all hours of the night at milongas and concert venues around the country. He has performed tango music with Julian Peralta, Pablo Aslan, Victor Lavallén, Hector del Curto, Pablo Ziegler, Javier Sanchez, Pedro Giraudo and Cuarteto Tanguero among others. Maxfield holds performance degrees from Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin and he has studied motion and body awareness through the Feldenkrais Method and contemporary choreography and dance. Currently he is associate chair of the string department at the Levine Music School in Washington, DC.

Maxfield began playing and dancing Argentine tango in 2010 and his experiences and approach to the music and motion of the art form have always been intertwined. Maxfield's interest in the connection between sound and physicality led to the creation of the Mad City Live Tango Festival in 2014 in collaboration with Homer and Cristina Ladas and Cuarteto Tanguero. Since then he has worked with the annual Tanguero Workshop in Indiana and Toronto which brings top tango musicians together with students from around the world. In 2016 Maxfield founded the Da Capo Tango Orchestra which has become a staple of the dance community in Washington and has also performed in Boston and Toronto. Along with hosting creative tango events in DC he is also a co-host of “Bienvenido al Tango” on WOWD 94.3 Takoma Radio and directs Orquesta Tipica Loca. Maxfield works to promote collaboration between artists across the disciplines of tango in order to raise the collective knowledge, access, and level of tango music and deepen our connections with each other and the global community.