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​A native of California, violinist Christine Brebes now lives in Buenos Aires and works as a tango musician with a wide variety of tango artists.

She received the Bachelors in Music from the University of Northern Iowa and has played in the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, California and symphony orchestras in Nevada, Missouri and Iowa.


She formed the tango groups Duo Lorca and Tango Lorca with guitarist Beau Bledsoe in Kansas City. In 2002, she joined Emilio Balcarce's Tango Orchestra School in Buenos Aires. They performed at EL TEATRO COLÓN 12/2002 and recorded the album Bien Compadre. Since then, she has toured and performed in tango orchestras, small groups and shows around the world.

She currently plays in Elena Roger's band, with Charly García & The Prostitution, in Demoliendo Tangos, Andres Beeuwsaert Grupo, El Sexteto de Fernando Taborda, Pablo Motta Quinteto + 1, and his personal project Dúos Breves. She has performed in 1st violin (solo) with the Orquesta Sans Souci (2007-2011), the Orquesta Arquetípica de Ramiro Gallo, the Orquesta Tipica de Guillermo Fernández, in theatre (Pepino el 88 (Víctor LaPlace), Mina (Elena Roger), Boccatto di Cardinale, and Gardel), and has recorded with numerous artists (Charly Garcia, Estelares, Los Cafres, Guillermo Fernández, Ramiro Gallo, Celeste Carballo, Pablo Mainetti, Demoliendo Tangos, La Orquesta Escuela de Tango, among others).