It's unfortunately become clear that we must cancel the 2020 Tanguero Summer Workshop. While the Covid-19 outbreak in Toronto is not as severe as in many parts of the US, there is no clear indication that the government will have decided to allow groups our size to meet by the proposed date. In addition, student and instructor housing for the event has fallen through, as there are safety and liability concerns from those providing rentals.  Finally, given the health and economic situations many are facing, it's unfair to ask instructors and students alike to commit to this trip.

We'll begin over the coming days to refund the tuition of those who have signed up. It may take some time, but I promise that everyone will receive a full refund. 


All our wonderful faculty are sad to miss this chance to make music together, but all would love to resume again next year! We'll announce the dates for the 2021 workshop some time in July. 


Thank you to everyone who committed to coming this year.  It's hard to let this go, but I appreciate your enthusiasm and your work toward this music we love. Let's take care of ourselves, each other, and our communities so that we can emerge from this pandemic and make music together again. 


Thank you,

The Tanguero Workshop Team